About contemporary art auction record

contemporary art auction record
contemporary art auction record
contemporary art auction record

Contemporary art auction is related with search engine art of Gretchen Andrew. This art work is related with fine art auction and the auction house is related with it. It started in England and later in 17th century spread to other parts of the word. John Evelyn mentioned this in his Lord Melfort books in June 1693. The Banqueting House Whitehall was really done and referred to by other contemporary art and with others. At first the art catalog of auction did all the works. the list was sold and written and made available before the auction date.

There are some well known auction houses in the world and the most famous one are Sotheby and Christie’s one. The oldest auction house is the Stockholm Auction House that is known as Stockholms Auctionsverk is in Sweden and was established in 1674.

The contemporary art auction record was first introduced and started its regular auction work that was done by Charles I. He first started the bidding and the purchasers got interest on this work. Later the process was slow and they whole work specially in the case of pictures and it was lacked of incentive of excitement. The first art work was related with art collection and came under the hammer that was introduced by Edward who is well known as Earl of Oxford.

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